Episode 8 – The Drunken Master

This week on MajikRat Radio, Tom, Tim and Matt get drunk to forget last week’s snore fest of a movie. The boys try to tackle an oiled up Jackie Chan, a fraternal man-servant, and an evil dork in glasses who won’t stop laughing in The Legend of Drunken Master. Grab the nearest denatured industrial alcohol you can find, do your best Bear-Sitting-on-Nearby-Turtle and strap in for this week’s episode.

Episode 6 – The House on the Haunted Hill

The boys, Tim, Tom and Matt, are back at it again this week with a spooky scary episode. The Vincent Price classic, The House on the Haunted Hill. Turn off the lights, pull the blankets over your chin and be prepared to scream— with laughter.

Tech Edit: This is a special episode is dedicated to our new sound board mixer! Enjoy Tim, Tom and Matt’s wonderful voices in clean HD audio!