Episode 12 – Blank Check

The boys travel back to distant 1993 where pedophilia wasn’t invented by the goverment yet, and find a precocious young man in possession of a million dollars. This little baby boy is dogged by Mafioso jr. Quigley and an anti-joke Sinbad. All the while a budding love triangle sprouts between a boy, his banker and butler not-john-candy. That’s right, it’s Blank Check!

Episode 10 – Rollerball 2002

This week the boys tackle the world of hardcore manly sports in Rollerball, a remake no one asked for. Set in the far off year of 2002, starring brand-X-Keanu-Reeves, Chris Kline and Femme Fatale from the 6th Element, Rebecca Romijn, playing a sport with more confusing rules than Blurnsball. Oh and LL Cool J is in there, fresh from his internship at Aquatica. Enjoy!